I care about your own WHY

👉You already have some knowledge of Argentine Spanish and you want to go further!

👉You want to conquer your fear of group chats in Spanish, finally show how sociable you are or put into words your most complex thoughts.

👉You want to stop asking the meaning of each word to your Argentine partner every time you meet with your in-laws, or you want to talk with your work colleagues with professional self-assurance.

Your own WHY matters a lot to me. I’ll help you communicate naturally in fluent Argentine Spanish, focused on your own personal journey.

Gain self-confidence

talking like an Argentine, and make some new friends!

Your Argentine slang

mastered and blended in walking down Buenos Aires!

Focus on your talking

and hearing comprehension, fast and gracefully!

Learn in context

less boring grammar books and more interactive fun!

Online packages

Choose your ArgenTalk Experience

Flight solo or along with others. Add value to each lesson with dedicated chat hours via WhatsApp, innovative activities, movie recommendations, and more!

Solo Adventure

If you are looking for a custom made A2/B1 level adventure, this is the right choice for you!

Group Adventure

If you want to share the ride with others without losing the personalized approach, this option is the best for you!

Busy Digital Adventure

If you don’t have enough time for weekly lessons but you are up to an innovative techie learning challenge, jump in!
ArgenTalk in a nutshell

Why You’ll Love It

Get to know my own secret formula for learning not any kind of Spanish but Argentine Spanish.

The Argentina Way

Accent, “voseo”, idiomatic expressions, slang, cultural tips…you name it!

The Cool Way

Let’s say NO to stiff educational programs, outdated material, and boring conversation topics.

The One-of-a-Kind Way

Connection is key. Your needs are unique, as well as my way of guiding you in this learning experience.

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