¡Hola, soy Mariel!

If you want to embrace your passion for Argentine culture and rock at Argentine Spanish communication, I’m your perfect sidekick!

Here’s my own WHY

I’m Argentine, body, and soul. I grew up in Quilmes, a neighborhood in the Buenos Aires area. I was always into languages. After I graduated from high school, I studied English Translation, and my first jobs were as an English teacher. I’m an English literary fan, and if you’d known me as a child, you would have probably found me immersed in a Harry Potter book or in a Jane Austen’s novel. I also dug a lot of music in English too. 

Then, something amazing happened. I started to travel. A lot. I spent 4 years of my life traveling across South America and Europe. And, weirdly enough, I started to love my country even more than before (and I didn’t know that was possible!). I encountered a lot of people from around the world who were really into Argentina and its culture, and I started to appreciate my origins in a brand new light.

That’s when I started to teach Spanish to foreigners. And not any kind of Spanish – my Spanish, the Spanish from my homeland, and it’s an incredibly rich culture. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now and I can’t be happier. I found a powerful vocation of connecting people to my country through teaching Spanish, the same way I feel connected to it wherever I go, a feeling that intensifies every time I come back home from a trip abroad. 

So, now, I invite you to this amazing journey. I would be extremely glad to walk you through what it means to talk and feel like an Argentine!

Some colorful facts about me!

I love indie movies like Tango de una noche de verano, Jauja and Historias Mínimas.
I’ve been a committed vegetarian for over 5 years.
I’m engaged in social causes like AFS intercultural programs, Techo, Reevo and Ecologists in Action
I love to learn cool facts during my travels. Now I know tango is also Finnish!

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